Mount Whitney, California- 14,494 ft.
June 27, 2000


 Climbers: John Wingfield, Peter Junger, Karen Abse, Jim Juritsch, Frank Jack, Richard Jack, Tony Rini

Frank Jack and John Wingfield fill up water at a stream
Peter Junger and Karen Abse take a break on the ascent
View of Mt. Whitney from Trail Camp, approx. 12,000'
Our camp at Trail Camp
Sunrise from Trail Camp - 12,039'
Scott Dwyer and Peter Junger laughing at the summit from Trail Camp
Peter Junger makes the last few steps to the summit
John, Scott and Tony at Trail Crest - 13,777'
Looking up at the summit from Trail Crest
Scott, Tony, Karen and Jim on the summit
Jim Juritsch on the summit
Looking back up towards Trail Crest after a 1,000' glissade. Fun!