Franz Jack & Family

Franz Jack in Jaeger Outfit

95-Franz_&_Rosina_Jack.jpg (61634 bytes)
Franz & Rosina Jack

181-Franz_Rosina_Jack_with_Hoenish.jpg (90571 bytes)
Franz & Rosina Jack with Valentin Hoenisch

110-Franz_Jack_80th_Birthday.jpg (78124 bytes)
Franz Jack 80th Birthday

112-Valentin_Hoensich.jpg (73362 bytes)
Franz Jack with Valentin Hoenisch & Hans Hoensich

113-Franz_Jack_&_Friends.jpg (47169 bytes)
Franz Jack with Friends

124-Franz_&_Rosina_Jack_with_Carp.jpg (82278 bytes)
Franz & Rosina Jack holding carp

120-Rosina_Jack_with_Children.jpg (60533 bytes)
Rosina Jack with Grandchildren

148-Rosl_Jack_&_Valentin_Hoenisch.jpg (100084 bytes)
Rosl Jack with Valentin Hoenisch

36-wimsbach_1980.jpg (40234 bytes)
Wimsbach Visit