Sunday September 28, 2008


I decided to start archiving family photos as a way to preserve them. With age they will only further degrade, especially the older photos. Then, as I was scanning in hundreds of photos, I decided that they should be shared as much as possible. After all, they tell a story and bring back many memories for many people. They can also be used to learn about family members, long since past, by the younger generation. I started out with just my family, then added more with time. As I finish this first segment, I have the families of Hoenisch, Juritsch, Reder, Gauss and Jack represented. Also, I have archived many old photos of Fillipovo, as well as a section for miscellaneous photos. As I consider this work in progress, I encourage viewers to respond with corrections or added documentation & photos. With the digital tools available, it’s comforting to know that all of these old photos and stories can be permanently stored and easily viewed.




  I hope you enjoy the photos.


Jim Juritsch
5206 Sylvan Court
Richmond, Virginia 23225