October 19, 2001

West Virginia

campground.jpg (65472 bytes)

Craig, Lisa and Carrie, ready for climbing

craggin_wagon.jpg (80555 bytes)

Going to breakfast in the "Craggin Wagon"

cary_lisa.jpg (120733 bytes)

Carrie and Lisa in Seneca Valley.

reading_the_manual.jpg (62661 bytes)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's Seneca Rocks right there

chris.jpg (90986 bytes)

Chris, ready to lead Conn's East (5.8)

southwall_eastface.jpg (86737 bytes)

The view up, South Wall, East facing

conns_east.jpg (119921 bytes)

Jim and Lisa ascending Conn's East on a beautiful fall day


Lisa_conns_east.jpg (117838 bytes)

Lisa nearing the top of the first pitch for Conn's East


firstpitch_conns_east.jpg (103399 bytes)

Lisa, Chris and Jim taking a break on a ledge, ready to tackle Alcoa Presents, 5.8


down_to_the_deck.jpg (122676 bytes)

Looking down to the deck

jim_eastface.jpg (105872 bytes)

Jim looking for the summit

chris_southsummit.jpg (94384 bytes)

Chris taking a well-deserved break on the South Summit after doing a fine job leading

lisa_southsummit.jpg (92837 bytes)

Lisa striking a pose on the South Summit. 300' vertical dropoff on both sides. Yikes!


craig.jpg (89060 bytes)

Craig leading something hard


cary_craig.jpg (88165 bytes)

Carrie and Craig looking very relaxed on a ledge

chris_craig.jpg (115663 bytes)

Chris & Craig gettin' ready for a rap (rappel for non-climbers)

craig_for_madmen_only.jpg (79392 bytes)

Craig leading 5.10a, For Madmen Only


chris_for_madmen_only.jpg (124413 bytes)

Chris climbing For Madmen Only (5.10a)


Lisa_Ecstacy_Junior.jpg (124022 bytes)

Lisa on her first trad lead climb, Ecstacy Junior

view_thru_gunsight.jpg (88493 bytes)

View 'thru' Seneca Rocks, near the top

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