February 22-23, 2002

North Carolina

Looking_Glass.jpg (124285 bytes)
"The Nose"

Craig_leading_The_Nose.jpg (52519 bytes)
Craig leading The Nose (5.8)

Carrie_on_The_Nose.jpg (70340 bytes)
Carrie waiting to climb. It was in the 30's at the start of the climb

Jim_on_The_Nose.jpg (59979 bytes)
Jim sitting on The Nose

Carrie_on_The_Nose_2.jpg (80835 bytes)
Carrie finishing the 3rd pitch

View_from_The_Nose.jpg (58738 bytes)
View of Pisgah National Forest from The Nose

Craig_Belaying_on_The_Nose.jpg (91134 bytes)
Craig belaying on the summit of The Nose, 400 ft. up from the 1st pitch.

Carrie_summiting_The_Nose.jpg (88841 bytes)
Carrie summitting

Jim_on_Sundial_1.jpg (77594 bytes)
Jim leading 1st pitch of Sundial (5.6)

Jim_on_Sundial_2.jpg (75387 bytes)
Looking up at Sundial (5.6)

Jim_on_Sundial_3.jpg (89257 bytes)
Nothing run out on this route. Yeah right!

Craig_and_Carrie.jpg (112301 bytes)
Craig and Carrie

Jim_climbing_Bloody_Crack.jpg (100400 bytes)
Jim leading Bloody Crack (5.8)

Jim_climbing_Bloody_Crack_2.jpg (115314 bytes)

Jim_climbing_Bloody_Crack_3.jpg (118548 bytes)

Jim_on_Second_Coming.jpg (86299 bytes)
Jim climbing 1st pitch of Second Coming (5.7)

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